Epsilon Nu Housing Corporation                  
                          Of Sigma Chi Fraternity

 The Housing Corporation    -   P.O. Box 16882, Lubbock , TX 79490                                      

The Housing Corporation of the Epsilon Nu Chapter of Sigma Chi was founded in 1956
and has operated continuously since then.

The Annual meeting is held on the 2nd Tuesday of September at the EN Chapter House in
Lubbock, Texas  to carry on the business of assisting the Epsilon Nu Chapter of Sigma
Chi in the operation, maintenance,  and upgrading of the Sigma Chi lodge at Texas Tech


Patrick C. Simek – President
1812 Broadway
Lubbock , TX 79401
(806) 763-8911 

Jack Strong, Jr. – Vice President
4205 97th Place
Lubbock , TX
(806) 794-6115

David Cobb – Secretary/Treasurer
3521 78th Street
Lubbock , TX 79423
(806) 799-4749

Marc Hendrick   

5715 94th Street 
Lubbock, TX 79424     
(806) 792-9163


David Locke

Miami, TX
(806) 868-3301

Trey Strong
4205 97th Street
Lubbock , TX 79423
(806) 548-2070

Rollo Gurss 
3001 ECR 73
Lubbock, TX 79404
(806) 745-6672
Tom Downs
4812 10th Street
Lubbock, TX
806) 793-4518
John Walton
5010 91st Street
Lubbock, TX 79424
(806) 794-5567

In 2005, following the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the Epsilon Nu Chapter of Sigma Chi, the Housing Corporation convened to adopt formally the proposal for an Annual Giving Program that was presented by one of the EN alumni at that meeting.

In 2006, the Housing Corporation will monitor the implementation of the Annual Giving Program and host the first annual program progress meeting in September.