Lubbock Alumni Chapter             
     Of Sigma Chi Fraternity                

The Lubbock Alumni Chapter
  -   P.O, Box 16882, Lubbock, TX 79490                              

The Lubbock Alumni Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded in 1955 and has
operated continuously since then.

The chapter meets first Thursday of each month.  Please contact  the Secretary for location,
as location my vary.

One primary purpose of the chapter has been to provide support to the Epsilon Nu Chapter
located at Texas Tech University. The Alumni Chapter also provides operational assistance
to the EN active chapter.

Officers for 2012-2013 are listed below:

President: Rollo Gurss

Vice President: J. David Nelson

Secretary/Treasurer: Bill Willey  

Annual Giving Program (from a submission to the Sigma Chi Magazine)

It has been an exciting time for the Lubbock Alumni Chapter. The 50th reunion sparked a huge fund raising drive that retired the mortgage on the Epsilon Nu Chapter House at Texas Tech. The new on-going campaign is known as the Epsilon Nu Annual Giving Program. Each Alumnus of EN is asked to donate at least one dollar for each year that has passed since initiation. Of course more is always appreciated, but if every Alumnus gave just the minimum it would amount to a substantial sum on a yearly basis. A design for the new house is still pending but we look forward to starting as soon as we have a substantial down payment raised. The undergraduates joined us for our monthly luncheon meeting in April. In fact, they out numbered the alums. It was good to see that the spirit of Sigma Chi spans the generations, helping us to endeavor to retain the spirit of youth and the undergrads can see that Sigma Chi is a life long commitment.  

Tom Downs